Underground Design Workshop.

WDU – Web Defiance Unit

We offer a full range of design and new media services - We can make your corporate identity, online presence & marketing really special :)

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Creative Design Ideas

Creative Ideas

We can develop and propose visuals for your project that will be just what your company needs to compete at the next level. Professional branding together with innovative marketing, tailored for a perfect solution whilst suitable for your budget.

Focused Marketing width=

Focused Work

We have a targeted approach to design and marketing. We take pride in making pixel perfect digital solutions and want every piece of work to be another great addition to our portfolio showcase.

Sound & Music

Sound & Music

We are specialists not only in graphic presentations but also in music, sound effects and sound track production. We can produce bespoke music written to fit any presentation, advert, game or movie perfectly.





We can apply our award winning design services to any project and always make any print or digital work to the highest standards, regardless of budget.

3D / CGI

3d / CGI

We can produce static or animated images, logos, visualisations, product and packaging design, architectural 3D and much more…

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

We can produce stunning and dynamic motion graphics for exhibition displays and presentations.

Music and Sound

Music and Sound

We can produce music and sound for any project and currently licence music to Getty and available on iTunes as well as creating bespoke commissioned work



We can provide elegant and user-friendly E-Commerce solutions that your customers will love.

Our Thinking

Yes, we want things to look good – but we go deeper than that. We provide our clients with the best solutions and do it right.


We’re passionate and we’ve also got the experience to back it up.


We don’t ‘sell’ things.


We do create things that are beautiful, useful, functional and desirable that people want.


What we do isn’t work and it isn’t play – but we get up in the morning and go to bed living it.


We think you need our thinking.



“What was very different about WDU’s approach – was that they were the only one’s that gave an honest appraisal of the existing site and our strategy. It was immediately obvious that their proposal was the right way forward and the new identity, website and campaign not only looked good but justified the investment immediately. The time savings and efficiency of the new site over our previous site were enormous and I could fill an A4 sheet with the benefits we achieved with a relatively small investment – much less than the wage of a salesman and it’s there 24/7!”


Model Portfolio Site, Brisbane, Queensland